You might have seen many fabrics and patterns going in and out of style in the world of fashion. Famous designers try their level best to make a name for themselves and manage to sustain in the fashion industry. But there are some clothing pieces that are now considered to be a must-have. And leather is one of them.

Due to fast changes in trends, many people argue whether this conventional and historical material is still fashionable or not. In order to counter this argument below are some strong reasons which will clear your confusion away.

90’s: Peak of Fashion

Although during the 90’s, leather fashion was at its peak because of the trending styles and features of the jackets made through the leather. But even today every year this fashion tries to incorporate itself and becomes trendy.  Trendy leather goods can be found at The Leather Craft.

Black Leather Jacket - The Leather Craft


Even though the leather products are expensive, they are definitely worth buying and are considered as a one time investment. Also in the accessories, flexibility does not stop the consumers from buying it.

Biker Leather Jacket - The Leather Craft

One For All

Of all fabrics and accessories, 14% of the global trade are in leather goods. Due to its nature, it is suitable for almost everything. From jackets to shoes, belts to bags, wallets to clutches you will find everything made up of leather.

Leather Bags is always look COOL!

Why use jackets, anyway?

There are hundreds of fabrics by which jackets, coats and blazers are made, but those made of leather have their own style. In addition, natural leather prevents extreme cold more than other fabrics. 

Options in terms of style.

You will normally see flowers, collar, fur, fringe, studs, stars, patches, tassels, belt, spikes, gold hardware, lining, zipper, sleeves, hood, arm and shoulder pads incorporated into the jacket. 

A hoodie under a leather jacket will let you stay warm and also look fashionable, like this trendy product ‘Fashionable Hooded Leather Biker Jacket‘. Many combinations can be done with sweaters, shirts and t-shirts that give formal and casual looks respectively.

Hooded Leather Jacket - THE LEATHER CRAFT


Designers and fashion enthusiasts will still argue on this subject, but the reality can be understood by considering the points above!

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