Leather is the oldest material in human history. Due to its robust, protective and versatile nature; it continues to be one of the most popular materials used around the world today. A quality, leather jacket will last decades and unlike any other material will improve and grow richer in character with age, therefore we believe a fitted, tailored leather piece is a true investment. We understand how frustrating it can be when your leather garments don’t fit, which is why we offer bespoke leather jackets. We are honored to have customers who come to us exclusively for their bespoke leather garments. The bespoke process also allows you to choose every detail to create the exact piece that you want. 

Although we are an e-commerce platform, but that doesn’t limit us to offer custom tailoring. Instead it has become our power to cater across the globe and make it accessible for all.


Custom order request

Get started by placing a request through our web form. Don’t worry, we don’t need much details. We will facilitate you with any little detail you have.

Free design consultancy

Get free consultancy on your custom order via our design consultant. And stay updated with delivery date and digital illustration.

Order placement

Place your order using the listing link provided by the design consultant. Listing link mentions agreed details.

Production & delivery

Your product gets ready after going through a 5-step production process. Also, a photoshoot will be shared.

Production Process

01. Digital Illustration

Bespoke designing starts by design consultant making a digital illustration of the custom project. Then it’s shared with customer in advance. After approval, it is further shared with the production team.

02. Pattern making

Every fine detail is shared by the design consultant to the production team with the help of digital illustration and supporting images and videos.

03. Fabrication/Leather making

For custom leather products, the production team places an order and it takes approx. 3-4 weeks for leather making. For fabric custom products, the production team sources fabric from our trusted vendors to deliver a quality product.

04. Cutting & construction

Then moving towards the next step which is cutting. As soon as the leather/ fabric reaches in our production facility, it is delivered for cutting and stitching. After that, it is delivered for quality check.

05. Embroidery, printing & accessories

If a custom project involves embroidery, printing, or any 3-D printed accessory, it is sent to the respective department after stitching.

06. Finishing & QC

We ensure quality control. Once the product is ready, it is sent to quality control inspection, to make sure that nothing is missed out and the product is impeccably crafted. Orders reach our customers within 10 days of ordering


This is my very first order through site, and I am totally and completely satisfied! The fit is great and so are the prices. I will definitely return again and again...

I have ordered and received several items now, and I have to say, I am in love with this store!!!! Everything I have received fit perfectly, and is good quality.

 can't even express how excited I was when your delivery arrived. Such well made, adorable clothing, the sizing is amazing, 


We provide high-quality custom-made leather jackets. You have the option to choose from our collection or design your own.