With origins dating back to the history of mankind, animal hide is always used by humans for many reasons and leading towards the discovery of jackets. Leather jackets are one of the most common forms of outerwear.

Every kind of dress has its own styles and looks to wear. Same goes for these leather jackets. If you have recently bought a leather jacket, there are a few things you should know about wearing them. This article will cover all the do’s and don’ts of wearing a leather jacket. Go ahead!

Always buy Genuine Leather

To save the cost many companies try to save the money by making the jackets with a synthetic material known as faux leather. As compared to original leather jackets, faux leather jackets are quite cheap and of low quality. For the original 100%, pure leather made jackets don’t forget to check our collection

Black Leather Jacket by The Leather Craft - Make The Choice

Don’t Mix Brown and Black

Never ever wear a brown shirt or pants if you are wearing a black leather jacket and vice versa. In the rules of fashion, this small thing also matters and it creates an overall impression on the other person who is meeting with you or even watching you. It is because these two colours clash with one another and create an awkward look. 

Black & Brown is always an stunning Colour Combination.

Do Wear it During the Winter

It seems unpleasant to see a person wearing a leather jacket during the dog days of summer. A leather jacket is not a twelve months outfit. Whereas, these leather coats are pretty useful to wear in the freezing cold days of winter.

Winter's Collection by The Leather Craft

Don’t wash it in Machine

You have bought a $500 leather jacket and now comes the time to wash it. But the question arises how to do this? Leather jackets are expensive and you can’t throw them in the washing machine with your other clothes. Read our article to know more about cleaning your coat!

Do not ever wear a Leather Jacket - THE LEATHER CRAFT

Do Wear a Fitted Leather Jacket

What’s the use of a $500 jacket if the size doesn’t fit you perfectly. Line up shoulders, higher armholes, perfect length of sleeves up to the waistline of the base of the thumb is the perfect size you should wear. For more information about leather jackets check out our latest blog.

Don’t Leave it Wet

You can use a leather jacket in the rain and snow, but don’t forget to dry it afterwards. There are small pores in leather which absorbs the moisture from surrounding and it’s good for the quality of leather up to a certain limit. Excessive exposure in the rain can increase this moisture level which is not good for leather if stayed in for a long time.

Do Condition it

Every fabric needs conditioning to retain its durability. Leather also needs to be conditioned regularly for a good life. There are products in the market used for leather conditioning like Lexol etc.

The Leather Craft - Biker Leather Jacket


How could TLC think that the product purchased by our customer will be no longer attractive? Our products are more than a product for us. Take care of your jacket as we care for you. If you want an indestructible jacket then follow these steps!

For exploring the wide variety of jackets, check out our latest collection of men and women’s leather jackets, trench coats and much more!   

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