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Design Custom with The Leather Craft

The leather craft is your source for top-quality custom jackets. Our online design process makes it easy to design your own customize jackets with your logo, names, and artwork. You can add your company or team logo on your jacket with world-class printing

Custom Biker Jackets

Feel confident in a customized biker jacket. Style you own because why not? After all, form and function need to work together.

Custom Bomber & Aviator Jackets

Inspired by the military uniform, a custom made bomber & aviator jacket is a great way to incorporate a personal touch as well as to celebrate team spirit by adding a logo of the company or customizing it in same color.

Custom Trench & Winter coats 

Spy every iconic detail and get it made on winter trench coats. Showcase your creativity and enjoy timeless classics to seasonal selections.

Custom Hollywood Classics 

If you are a Hollywood fan, get your own favorite customized jacket design same that has been worn by a Hollywood movie celebrity

Tips for Personalizing your Custom Jacket

1. Choosing a Custom Style

It’s important to consider your logo, artwork or design when choosing a jacket colour. The colours should work well with each other. Usage is another aspect to think about when choosing the style of your custom jacket. Where will you and your team be wearing your jackets? Will your custom jacketsor custom coats be worn outdoors, indoors or for a particular season or event? Or would you like your custom jacket to be worn year round? Knowing the answers to these questions before-hand will enable you to get the best from your custom jacket.

2. Customizing your Jacket

When customizing your own jacket, make sure your logo or any form of artwork is clearly visible and stands out positively. Should you be dealing with some text, it’s best to choose a font in a size that is easy to read. Don’t forget to upload any types of files including PDF, AI, jpeg, png and ppt.

3. Getting the Most out of your Custom Jacket

Custom jackets are a great and practical way to promote your company logo and story. What’s even better is having your team wear either a uniform style of custom jacket in the same or coordinating colours add a cohesiveness and consistency that supports and highlights your professionally branded image. The Leather Craft is the best place to explore your options, navigate what your custom jacket should do for you and enjoy the process of creatively personalizing your custom logo jacket that speaks well of your brand, story and message.