Considering buying a leather jacket but confused because of so many options out there?

Don’t worry! Walk yourself through these four questions and find the leather jacket that suits you the best.

1. How much are you ready to spend on a Leather Jacket?

 Buying a leather jacket is like a lifelong investment since it is timeless and versatile. When it comes to the quality, you get what you pay for. The more the price, the better the quality is. The prices of leather jackets can vary depending on different factors such as thickness, style ,skin, inner lining, stitching and the accessories with it. For your perfect purchase you have to look for something that’s easy on your pocket but heavy on your style, like the jackets available at The Leather Craft.

2. What’s the style that suits you the best?

When buying a leather jacket, you got to look for a style that not just aligns with your personality but also symbolizes your style statement. Here are some styles you may come across while shopping for your leather jacket.

The Timeless Biker Jackets:

If you’re a Tom cruise fan and looking for something that gives you a sturdy yet vintage look then the classic leather jacket is a big yes for you. No matter what age a person is, biker jackets can relate to all which is why these are one of the most in-demand styles around the globe.

Biker Leather Jacket for rough and tough people.

Double Rider Jackets:

Also known as the classic American style among people, the double rider jacket looks as perfect as its name sounds. With variations in styles according to the manufacturers, the double rider jackets are usually double breasted with the front having an off-centered zipper closure.

Double Biker Leather Jacket made up of 100% pure leather material.

The Bomber Jackets:

When talking about revolution in leather jacket styles, it wouldn’t be wrong to name the bomber leather jackets. Designed for being the comfort and warm wear, the bomber jackets are usually waist length. With being originally designed just for the military people to being the most demanded style among the youth, the bomber aka the flight jacket proved to be a really good choice for leather jacket enthusiasts. Check the bomber jacket feels at The Leather Craft.


3. Are you choosing the right skin?

The type of skin your leather jacket is made of is really important to know as it can entirely change the overall feel of the wear. The most commonly used skins are of cowhide, goat skins and lambskins.

Cowhide gives the thick and tough look in contrast to which lamb skin is best known for its soft and weightless feel. Its comfy feels make the lambskin an expensive but highly appreciated product. 

There are multiple leather type in this industry.

4. Does the Jacket fit you right?

While getting your hands on our favourite jacket make sure to try it on to see if it fits you well. A good fit has enough room to get along with your daily clothing worn underneath the jacket. The sleeve length should be right about your wrist and the armholes as high as possible to keep your jacket in position. The better the fit, the chicer it looks.

Biker Leather Jacket - The Leather Craft


For keeping the leather jacket fashion on point, one has to be really thoughtful with what they should be their idol product. Things get easy when you know what you’re looking for and with places like The leather Craft ,on the web, you can find your best wear on the go!

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