Searching for a good quality leather jacket is a bit challenging on the web. Profusion makes it outrageous to find genuine leather jacket stores.

It’s easier to find out your better half than to find the best leather jacket.
But with so many options out there, which one do you choose? Here’s an expert opinion for you. 


The best price of a good leather jacket

“A brand is a symbol of provenance,” says Raouf Rumjaun, Founder of PDJ Limited. It’s difficult to find a leather jacket under $500. Good quality brands always charge more for their products due to the high cost of raw materials and production. Know what you are looking for

Since the start of the twentieth century, leather jackets have revolutionized the fashion industry. Also they are too variable. According to shapes, these categories are the common types of men’s leather jackets as well as women’s jackets. 

  • Bomber Jacket

Length is up to the waist, usually has a matching cuff and a zipper in front. 

  •  Biker Jacket

Cropped jacket with uneven cut to allow the bikers to lean over their bikes.

  • Aviator Jacket

Basically, it was created for pilots but eventually, it became so common in different cultures as apparel.

Wear clothes that fits 

What’s the use of a $500 jacket if the size doesn’t fit you perfectly. Line up shoulders, higher armholes, perfect length of sleeves up to the wrist line of the base of thumb is the perfect size you should wear. 

Color: Black or Brown?

Many of us struggle with how to dress better. Dressing is the first impression of your personality. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that color is the first step on the stairs of dressing. You must choose the color which makes sense for your lifestyle and goes with your personality.

Zipper quality

The better the quality of a zipper, more chances of better quality of jacket. Cheap leather jackets manufacturers usually use low quality zippers to cut the cost.

Want a tough jacket? Choose Cowhide

The most difficult selection comes when you have to select between the types of leather. Different types of leathers such as cowhide, goat skin, and lamb hide are used to make leather. If  you want a durable as well as affordable jacket then you must go for cowhide. It may be tough in the start but becomes supple as you wear it. 


Not all leather jackets have topstitching, but you’ll often find them in well-designed jackets. They’re mostly decorative, but add that much-needed punch to a design. For a softer one: Choose lamb hide

More expensive than cowhide due to insufficient quantity as compared to cowhide.  Lambskin is soft and lightweight, which means you can wear it continuously.

White bomber: Versatile for all colors

If you are young, energetic and you want to rock the look, try wearing white bomber jacket. Soft blue jeans and white sneakers is a perfect combo with this.

Where to buy from?

Neither the suit nor any other dress can provide that unbelievable feeling which comes only by wearing a leather jacket. Also good quality leather jackets tend to be on the expensive side. But you don’t need to be worried about the price at all. For a good quality jacket at a reasonable price check out our latest collection and be relaxed for a decade!


Don’t forget to choose your favorites from a great variety of biker jackets, leather blazers, motorbike jackets, trench coat leather, and much more you need to alter your look to look cool!

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